Asaf Ben Haim

Asaf Ben Haim

Archaeologist, specializing in 3D-Scanning and Analysis.
Asaf  Ben Haim


Research interests: Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods in Palestine and the region; The architecture and building programme of King Herod; Classical architectural decoration and ancient carving techniques.

Currently, I am an M.A student in Archaeology, taking part in the research track honors program of the Mandel School for Advanced studies and the "Late Antiquity" interdisciplinary M.A research honors program of the faculty of humanities. My thesis deals with the cultural influences on King Herod’s architecture in light of the architectural decoration at Herodium. I obtained my B.Sc in biology and B.A in archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

In my research I use an on-site 3D-scanner, with which I record the architectural decorative elements at Herodium. Together with the Computational Archaeology lab of the Institute of Archaeology of the HU and the Digital Documentation lab of the IAA, these elements are analysed in order to produce reconstruction proposals, as well as to shed light on the stone carving techniques in Roman Judea and its underlying influences. 


In addition to the Horvat Midras Excavation Project, I have taken part in the following excavation teams and projects: Herodium, Sepphories, Burial cave near Bar'am, Tel Dor, Graffiti Scanning Project in Timna Valley and I am a member of the curation team of an exhibition at the Bible Museum in Washington D.C.  


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